Happy New Year

New Year at Chaupaal

New Year at Chaupaal

We are welcoming the New Year with lots of fun at Chaupaal. The fun began with Christmas celebrations on December 25, 2015 and will continue till January 3, 2016.

Petu Pande, our host, has delicious new menu on offer for you to welcome the new year with style. Even the old menu items have been given a fresh, new look.

But Chaupaal has never been just about eating. Remebber our tagline – The Eating Meeting Junction?

So, we have bright lights, party music and a festive atmosphere to enjoy the occasion with your near and dear ones. I would recommend visiting in the evenings to enjoy your meal while beating the chill with bonfire. Ideal winter dinner, I would say!!

Look forward to meeting you at Chaupaal….Bon Apetit.

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