Chaupaal – Labour of Love

When my husband and I decided to open a restaurant, everyone asked the same question – why a restaurant.

To that we had the stock reply – Why NOT? And that left most people speechless as they fumbled to find reasons why we should not start a restaurant. And we relished their discomfort!!!

But today I want to set the record straight and tell you all why we wanted a restaurant of our own.

Food is Our Passion

My husband loves eating, and I love cooking. An ideal combination, you might say.

Not exactly. Because if the new recipie I am trying does not turns out well, his tongue can be as hot as Bhut Jolokia, world’s hottest chilli pepper as per Guiness Book of Records in 2007.

Jokes apart, our unique combination ensures that we discuss possible ingredients and cooking method for every new recipie at restaurants or friends’ homes. I have had chefs sharing their recipies with me at restaurants like Oh! Calcutta, Forum Mall, Kolkata.

We Love Throwing Parties

We have always enjoyed throwing lavish parties for select group of friends, where all the cooking has been done by me us. And it has to be minimum 5-course meal.

For us, party is not just about food. It is more about the ambience, seating arrangement, warmth of togetherness and the perfect experience.

So we grabbed the opportunity to take this to the next level and include the whole city in our select guest list.

Ah! the Sight and Sounds of Fine Silver

Parties have always been just an excuse for me to take out all my fine silvers out of the cupboard and show them off. Washing, wiping, polishing ….. the whole works. Divine. And cathartic for me.

I wash them myself – no maid dare go near it – and put it back afterwards with a swell in my heart.

And it’s the same with the restaurant. I have personally done shopping for all serving utensils. Many of them have come from my personal collection, and I enjoy seeing the guests served in them.

Come, Join the Party

We enjoy spending an evening sitting among our guests, adding that personal touch, which makes us friends for ever.

Do come over sometime, when you want to enjoy a cup of tea, a glass of lemonade, a bowl full of yummy chicken biryani, or plain roti-daal-raita.

We serve everything you want, with dollops of love, oodles of warmth and exquisite taste in an ambience that will make you feel at home. And come again and again.

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