Chaupaal is a Hindi word that means a joint where people hang out in leisure, to discuss important and serious matters. Leisure and serious in the same breath sounds contradicting, isn’t it? But that’s the spirit of Chaupaal.

A meeting point where opposing forces join to produce something amazing and different.

We at Chaupaal try to do something similar. Fine dining cuisine in a casual and leisurely environment. When you drop by Chaupaal, our mascot Petu Pandey will greet you with a food platter full of mouthwatering dishes, complete with sweets and cold drink.

We believe in creating a tradition of food and eating. So we have introduced the innovative concept of paratha platter – straight from parathe waali gali, Chandni Chowk – in Bokaro. Not really innovative, you would say. And I must agree with a nod and a smile and a wink!!

Come and visit Chaupaal with your friends and family to enjoy a meal together. Afterall a family that eats together, stays together.